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Q: What costs do I need to consider when travelling abroad?

Q: What exactly is it that you’re doing for me? What value do you add?

To begin with, our primary objective and strength at Study Advisory Services is to profile your academic records and match them against the various possible course options available in Tertiary Institutions abroad and give you premium advice on the best Institution that is tailor made for your proposed choice of study.
As soon as we have jointly picked and agreed on the course and Institution of your choice, you can leave the rest to us. We will submit your application on your behalf and get the school to give priority attention to your admission request.
Since we are optimistic that the school will grant you the offer, we will start the visa process on your behalf by meticulously putting supporting documents together to ensure that it sails smoothly and your visa is approved. Also, to make sure that there are no hitches we will prepare you for your visa interview if you will be having one by going through the likely questions you maybe asked .
Part of the one stop services we offer which most Agents don’t bother with is that as soon as you obtain your visa, we work with your chosen Institution to ensure you have an accommodation that meets your taste and satisfaction.

Q:Does Study Advisory Services have a special agreement with the institutions?

In most cases we do have a contract agreement with our overseas partner institutions. This agreement allows us to recruit credible students including processing application for admission and visa application counseling/ assistance. Our partner Instituions provides us with regular training to keep us up to date on their programmes and campus developments

Q:How long will my visa last for?

Typically, your visa covers the duration of your studies. But in some cases you may need to extend your visa due to exigence circumstances.