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Placement Services

We will help you find and apply to the degree programme of your choice as well as destinations and institutions that matched your career goals. We know that applying to a school overseas can be daunting especially with the standards and customs you may not be familiar with. Each Institution is unique, and we will help you apply to the one that is tailored to your specific need. Our counsellors will guide you on how to structure your supporting documents and review them to ensure they meet the requirement for application.

Visa Guidance

We ensure that prospective students are given the most up to date information concerning immigration and visa policies which are constantly changing. We thoroughly check your supporting documents and offer guidance in the process of completing your visa forms including preparing you for the visa interviews if need be. We ensure a successful visa application to your study destination.


Most Institutions have residences (hostels) for students both on-campus and off-campus accommodation options. We will help you find a suitable accommodation within your budget if you desire. This may include assisting students in securing on-campus accommodation or providing relevant support and advice for students (especially postgraduate or mature students) who may be considering an off-campus or family accommodation.

Pre-Departure Services

Before students arrive at their study destination, there are some things they will need to prepare for their trip, including organising their travel documents, travels tickets, accommodation, understanding culture, weather, settling in and much more. We will give you first-hand information on how to prepare for your trip and what to expect.